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Eun Hui's Buckwheat Pillows - About - (585) 368-8414 -or- (585) 402-0160  
Eun Hui's Buckwheat Pillows focus on the Ancient Asian Art of old Buckwheat pillows used back in that time but with a modern twist. Each one is filled with thousands of Buckwheat Hulls. Help your neck and shoulder pain. Eun hui's Buckwheat Pillows are so comfortable it fits right to your own shape of your neck and shoulder.

Unique Features of Eun hui's Buckwheat Pillows are:
  • Unlike other Buckwheat Pillows out there, our special process removes the grain and dust, ensuring you a dust- and insect-free pillow.
  • No dust mites.    
  • Are made with NO chemicals, only all-natural materials!
  • Our pillows come with a high-quality casing with large zippered openings, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • With other Buckwheat Pillows, getting the pillow wet will damage it beyond repair, BUT water will not damage Eun Hui's Buckwheat Pillows.
  • Eun Hui's Pillows have a special cleaning process that no other Buckwheat pillow can offer, and you will get these instructions on how to properly clean your Buckwheat Pillow sent to you after each purchase.
  • Customizable for the ultimate in sleeping comfort.
Experience the difference today. Pillows Selection, Pricing and Ordering

Regular pillows are hard and can easily lose their shape, making for an uncomfortable and painful experience. The buckwheat hulls conform to your individual shape and position resulting in a comfortable, and a supported plus many of our customers say that for the first time in a long time they experienced pain-free in the morning. These pillows will also maintain your normal body temperature! You'll sleep warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer!  Help you keep away from night sweat. You will awake refreshed every single morning after sleeping on Eun Hui's Buckwheat Pillows.

Eun Hui's Buckwheat Pillows are so comfortable it's like you are literally resting on a soft, Heavenly Cloud!
Eun Hui's Buckwheat Pillows
12 Freshfield Rise
Fairport, NY  14450
(585) 368-8414
(585) 402-0160